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AC Desarrollo is one of the leading middle market capital investment firms in Spain, both by number of investments and returns

AC Desarrollo is Ahorro Corporación group's private equity management company, founded in 1999 to established the group's private equity operations. AC Desarrollo's mission is to identify investment opportunities, to recommend and execute investments by taking stakes in companies that will later be divested, thereby collecting good returns for the funds that it manages. AC Desarrollo operates as a partner contributing financial and professional resources to the companies in which it invests and taking active part in the design and execution of business plans.

AC Desarrollo currently manages private equity funds totalling nearly 345 million euros, having made 41 investments worth over 260 million euros since operations began in 1999.

AC Desarrollo has no sector preferences, having invested in sectors as diverse as food and drink, domestic cleaning products, air conditioning, toys, telecommunications, retail and software development, among others. The investments have always been structured according to the circumstances of each company. AC Desarrollo is mostly interested in growth operations and buy-outs, preferably leveraged with coinvestment from the management team.

Grupo Ahorro Corporación is a group of companies that provide financial services, specialising in asset management, brokering in organised markets, economic analysis and financial consulting.

The shareholders of AC Desarrollo are Grupo Ahorro Corporación, which holds 75%, and the financial consulting firm Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI),with a 25% stake. Grupo Ahorro Corporación is the major shareholder of AFI, with a 50% stake.

The AC Desarrollo team is made up of professionals with proven skills in investment management combined with valuable experience in various sectors.

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