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AC Desarrollo contributes financial and professional resources to investee companies, taking active part in the highest value areas and activities

AC Desarrollo is a partner that contributes financial and professional resources is support of the development of investee companies, taking an active role in the design and execution of the business plan through a position on the board of directors and all other governance bodies. AC Desarrollo’s contribution comes in diverse forms:
From the companies’ point of view, AC Desarrollo has a decisive contribution towards:

  • Financing growth
  • Resolving shareholder conflicts
  • Avoiding succession problems in family businesses
  • Professionalizing the management
  • Adjusting companies with the potential to improve
  • Divesting non-strategic businesses
  • Acquiring companies on behalf of management teams

Value should be created in each investment phase for the funds managed by AC Desarrollo:

  • In the identification and selection of investment opportunities, choosing only leading projects and management teams with outstanding experience
  • In the execution of the investment, structuring each transaction appropriately
  • In the investment tracking stage, AC Desarrollo offers professional management, optimising planning and control systems, providing support to administrative bodies, consulting on strategic decisions, taking part in specific growth operations and providing access to financial resources
  • Planning the exit strategy and preparing the sale in advance


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